We offer management consultant services to a diverse range of clients in various industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.


    Design and Installation Services

        Commercial Applications

            Mobile Videoconferencing Carts

            Conference Rooms

            Digital Signage

            Network Operations Centers

            Operations Centers

            Small Business Needs

        Houses of Worship

            Full A/V Systems Design, Installation, and Support

            Digital Signage


            Secure/Non-Secure Applications

            Operations Centers

            Digital Signage

            Audio and Video Conferencing Applications


            Distributed Audio for Classrooms

            Panic Alarm Systems

            Gymnasium/Stage Audio/Video Systems

            Digital Signage

        Home Theater

            Full Audio/Video Design and Installation

            Whole Home Control and Integration

Operations Center

System Design and Engineering Services

    Complete Turnkey Solutions

    Audio Visual Design and Integration

    Network and Telephone Infrastructure

    Security cable infrastructure

    Full RFP capabilities, Onsite QC, Complete Construction Management Services

Network Infrastructure and Service

Commercial Applications:

Specialize in Business Network and Telephone Infrastructure (Cabling)

Installation of Fiber Optic and Copper-Based Network Infrastructure

Cable Management Solutions

Cable Trays and Raceways

POS Systems

Digital Signage

Education Infrastructure


Residential Applications:

Whole Home Network, Security, and Control Solutions

Multi-Dwelling Units Network and Security Camera System Infrastructure


Service and Troubleshooting

Network, Telecom, and A/V Systems Troubleshooting and Repair

Full Service Contracts

Training for A/V Systems

24/7 Support

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